Changing Wax Guards

Most manufacturers use a wax basket style system to protect your hearing aid from ear wax.  Widex and Oticon use this type of system, but the systems look different.  Widex wax baskets are on sticks (which are similar to Oticon’s first generation of wax baskets) and Oticon uses a “turtle-shaped” system.  Older Phonak hearing aids (Audeos, for example) use the same looking system as Widex hearing aids.
Changing your Widex hearing aid wax basket
Changing your Oticon hearing aid wax baskets
Phonak Marvel hearing aids use a very different type of system called Cerushields  Below is a video describing the process of changing your wax filter using the cerushields.
Phonak Cerushield wax filter change

Pairing Hearing Aids to iPhone

The next section describes how to pair hearing aids to your iPhone.

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