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At Hear Again 2 and Mountain Hearing Center, we are opening the door to better relationships by educating our patients about hearing loss and offering the latest in hearing aid technology. Millions of people struggle with hearing loss which has a significant impact on their relationships and the activities they used to once enjoy. Whether you are in need of your first audiologic evaluation or you are an experienced hearing aid user, our offices can help with your individual needs.

As an experienced provider of hearing solutions in Bakersfield and Tehachapi, our privately owned practices are committed to educating you about hearing loss and finding solutions that work for your lifestyle and budget.

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At our offices, we make it a top priority to take each patient’s needs into consideration and make honest and appropriate recommendations. We never want you to feel like we are trying to offer something that you do not need!



Dr. Wilson has been an Audiologist for 24 years and makes it her personal mission to educate each patient about their hearing loss and how their specific needs will affect their options for hearing devices. She attends educational seminars and professional conventions to stay up-to-date on the most current research in hearing loss and hearing device technology.



We make our patients the number one priority so you can expect to receive friendly, personalized, and caring service from the moment you walk through our door. Our staff is here to serve your individual needs and aims for your experience to be informative and positive.

Why a
Patient Should Choose Us


I have been a patient of Dr. Eleanor Wilson for about 8 years. I purchased 2 sets of hearing aids and have been extremely satisfied with them. Dr. Wilson answers every question and offers ideas to help me cope in difficult environments. She sees me on time and the office is always clean.

Bob R

I have been a client of Hear Again 2 for approximately 15 years and have been very satisfied with the service and equipment I have received during that time.  Audiologist Dr. Eleanor Wilson is very knowledgeable about hearing loss and hearing aids, including what will best serve my hearing loss. I have a severe hearing loss to the point I am basically deaf without a hearing aid.  This can create problems for the audiologist, but If I have a problem with the aid or ear mold, she is ready to take care of the problem, and if I have a question about the aid or hearing loss, she has the answer. Because of my severe loss, sometimes it takes extra work to get it just right, but Dr. Wilson keeps working on the problem until it is solved. I am a very satisfied client!

Audra M

I am a long time hearing aid user and have been to several hearing aid dispensers and spent a small fortune along the way without very good results. At first I was hesitant about going to Dr. Wilson because she is an audiologist, and I was afraid she would be even more expensive. But she wasn’t! I went to her because I wanted not only just to hear but to hear better, and I do because of her “techie” expertise in programming my hearing aid to my specific hearing loss range. She has been my Audiologist for over 10 years and because of her, I am more confident because I am communicating much better with others one on one, on the phone and in social settings.

Patty D

If you are considering hearing aids, I recommend Dr. Eleanor Wilson in the strongest terms.  She is very knowledgeable and patiently explains the alternatives. Over the years, every time I’ve had a problem with my hearing aids, she has quickly solved it. In addition, she and her staff are also very friendly and easy to approach.  One other thing, the business of aids for hearing is not strictly regulated in the way that, for example, doctors are. Whether you choose Dr. Wilson or not, be SURE to consult with a registered audiologist.

Laird T

When I go to see Dr. Eleanor Wilson for new hearing aids or an adjustment with my old ones, I know she will do the very best for me. She is professional and very knowledgeable. She will work with you for the perfect fit. I’m a client of many years.

Carol F

She was very nice and she explained everything in detail.

Francis D

They had patience with me and explained everything to me.

Barry H

Both Dr. Wilson and assistant are great to work with. They let you know everything, and what to expect being a new person using hearing aids.

Linda P

Opening the door to better relationships

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