Custom Earmolds & Earplugs

As part of our practices’ emphasis on education, we aim for all of our patients to understand the risks and long term damage that can be done to your hearing due to loud activities. What can seem like acceptable noise, such as shooting guns or using power tools, can actually damage the sensitive internal structure of your ears.
Utilizing custom earmolds or earplugs can go a long way in making sure your hearing is preserved while still allowing you to enjoy the hobbies you love. Anyone who loves to swim, shoot, play music, or needs to escape someone’s loud snoring can benefit from these high quality products. At our offices, we can also make earmold impressions so patients can purchase ear monitors from companies that they choose.

While headphones might be a common solution for those who are exposed to loud noises, a more comfortable option for many patients is custom ear protection. We can help you to find the most appropriate solution for your environment. Many times construction workers, law enforcement, and musicians find that custom made products far exceed their expectations.

Musician’s Monitors
Professional musician monitors are designed for live concert sound reinforcement, film and/or video production. They work with any wireless or hardwired receiver for stereo, binaural or monaural sound quality.

Earmolds: Swim Molds
People who do not want water in their ear canals or have tympanic membrane perforations can have floatable swimmer’s earplugs made of a water resistant material for either shower or swimming use.

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