What to Expect At Your First Visit

At our offices, we utilize a thorough and multifaceted approach during your first visit. The audiologic evaluation and comprehensive conversation about your unique lifestyle concerns allows Dr. Wilson to identify the best solutions for your situation. We make your hearing needs our top priority by implementing advanced technology solutions with an educational approach.

Step One: Interview

During your visit, Dr. Wilson will explore the ways in which your hearing loss has affected your daily life and activities. She will review your specific medical history and discern any noisy environments you might be frequently exposed to.

Step Two: Ear Examination

Dr. Wilson will visually examine your ear canal. If there is an obstruction like earwax, she will determine the next course of action since it can negatively impact the evaluation results.

Step Three: Hearing Tests

Next, we will perform a complete battery of audiometric tests in a sound booth to identify the thresholds of sound you can hear while using specialized earphones. The audiologic evaluation will test your ability to hear various pitches and evaluate your speech understanding with words presented at a comfortable listening level.

Step Four: Treatment Options

If hearing loss is detected, we will recommend and explain the benefits of suitable solutions for your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. Our patients’ priorities concerning budget and comfort with technology will dictate what options we recommend for you. Most importantly, Dr. Wilson will make sure to communicate realistic expectations. Her 24 years of experience allows her to effectively detect impairments and create solutions based on a variety of patient needs.

Please be advised that if you have received a hearing evaluation elsewhere and are visiting us for a hearing aid consultation only, we will only accept tests from other audiologists. Hearing test results from your primary care physician or a “big box” store may not communicate enough information or have the high degree of testing accuracy we require for us to make appropriate recommendations.

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