After Your Visit

Once you have been fitted with your new hearing instruments, you will have the time and experiences necessary to become accustomed to them. Adjusting to using hearing aids can be a bit of a learning curve, so we use an acclimatization approach which allows you to slowly hear better at a comfortable speed. It is important to allow your brain to slowly readjust to processing the long-lost sounds you’ve been missing. This process might seem strange at first, but will become easier as time goes on.

At our offices, we believe it is necessary to offer our patients extensive follow-up care. Because it can take some patients longer than others to become more comfortable with hearing better, we recommend anywhere from 4 to 6 follow-up visits. Since we work with patients to educate them on their particular hearing impairment, we are confident that our recommendations will give you back what you have been missing in life.

Getting precise adjustments for your new hearing aids can accelerate and ease the natural adjustment period you’ll experience. At our offices, we ensure your hearing aids are programmed to improve your hearing and to allow your brain to acclimate to the amplified sounds. Dr. Wilson has been working with hearing aids for 24 years and is happy to provide personalized follow-up care. In addition, routine maintenance appointments, hearing re-checks and reprogramming of your hearing aids will be offered at no additional cost.

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