Cochlear Implants

When You Need More Than A Hearing Aid

Hearing aids allow a large number of people to improve their hearing and speech understanding by making sounds louder and optimizing them for the best possible benefit. This means you can make the volume louder, but if significant hearing loss is present, even the most sophisticated hearing aids may not help you hear well enough.

The Way A Hearing Aid Functions

  1. The hearing aid picks up the sound around you, then processes and amplifies it appropriately for your hearing loss and individual needs.
  2. The hearing aid then sends the processed and amplified sound into the ear, through the eardrum and into the middle ear.
  3. The sound is then transmitted to the inner ear and tiny hair cells produce electrical impulses for the hearing nerve.
  4. These impulses travel to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound again.

See How A Cochlear Implant Functions

  1. A sound processor captures sound with a microphone and then converts it into detailed digital information.
  2. These digital signals are sent to the implant where they are converted into electrical signals.
  3. The electrode array sends electrical signals directly to the hearing nerve bypassing damaged cells. These signals are then sent to the brain where they are interpreted as sound.

Cochlear Implants from Advanced Bionics are…

  • Covered by most healthcare plans, including Medicare.
  • Designed to work directly with a Phonak Naida™ Link on the other ear, meaning your implant and hearing aid can communicate with one another!
  • Designed to help you hear better in noisy places, from bustling restaurants to busy airports.
  • Developed to help you hear everywhere even in water—so you can swim, shower, bathe, and hear your world!
  • Designed to enhance your enjoyment of music.
  • Able to be upgraded to accommodate future technology.
  • Compatible with cell phones, MP3 players, and other audio devices. Talk on the phone with a friend or sing along to your favorite song in the car!
  • Easy to use with tactile controls.

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