Audiologic Hearing Evaluation

What is an Audiologic Hearing Evaluation?

Our offices place a high importance on accurate testing by using procedures that are strongly recommended by the State of California. The more accurate our results are, the more success you will have with your hearing devices. During the audiologic evaluation, a sound booth is utilized to eliminate ambient noise since this could negatively impact test findings. This test is designed to determine where you are hearing well and where we may need to focus treatment. You can expect Dr. Wilson to review your medical history as well as discuss and address any concerns you might have about your hearing health prior to the examination.

Why do I need an Audiologic Hearing Evaluation?

When you visit other medical professionals when something does not seem quite right, diagnostic testing is performed to help determine where the problem lies. An audiologic evaluation is the most comprehensive way of determining if you have a hearing impairment. Different types of hearing loss might dictate specific solutions, so our evaluations are thorough and individualized for your needs.

If it is determined after your evaluation that you could benefit from hearing devices, we will discuss the various options that might be right for you and will recommend a solution that works with your budget and lifestyle. We offer the most advanced technology available today and will help guide you to selecting the best hearing aids for your lifestyle.

After your Evaluation

Once we have obtained your results, Dr. Wilson will spend time discussing your particular hearing impairment and will educate you on how various solutions might help. It is important to our offices that our patients have accurate expectations for their new devices, so this time is crucial to review how active—quiet or noisy—your daily life is. We encourage questions and want you to feel comfortable with the solutions we recommend. To learn more about hearing aids, click here.

Interpretation of Test Results

Dr. Wilson will diagnose the results of the audiologic evaluation to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. For adults, hearing loss is determined when responses to frequency-specific puretone stimuli are greater than 25 dBHL. For children who are in the process of speech-language development, hearing loss is determined when responses are greater than 15 dB HL.

Can I Bring Someone with Me?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to bring a family member, loved one or friend to your evaluation. Since hearing loss affects more than just you, it is a good idea to bring someone you trust to help digest the information and recommendations. This also provides us with the opportunity to discuss communication techniques that will help bolster the relationships you have with your friends and family.

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